My name is Kyra, and I have been drawing since the early days of crayon scribbling and am always discovering new ways to create. Art has the ability to inspire- whether that means to share a story, make a statement, or simply to make someone laugh. Visual communication is integral to culture and learning. Perhaps the best part is that every artist and viewer has their own interpretation of what they are making or observing, and that art has the power to change the world!

I just graduated Hampshire College, which ingrained in me the desire to innovate, collaborate, and to go above and beyond. Over the years I have created many animations in multiple styles, but have landed on lighting, compositing, and illustration as a concentration. For my thesis I created three CG environments where I not only practiced lighting but also generalist skills like modeling, sculpting, texturing, instancing, simulating, and animating. I also made five shots of what could be a short 2d/3d hybridized film. Here I dug deep into creating cinematic images leveraging both technical 3d skills and artistic painting and compositing skills. I can proudly say I can make some pretty mean render layers after this project. Check all of these projects out on my animation page!

If you find this page and would like to collaborate, I'd love to chat!

On top of art directing a game for a start-up, taking an online character lighting course, and volunteering at SIGGRAPH, my primary obligation for this summer is managing a cat shelter. I may not have a job as a lighting artist yet, but I get to play with kittens every day. Who's complaining?